AI. Decentralization. Robotics in Financial Industry


Decentralized Computing Power

SnapBots decentralizes the deep learning process of the Bots into multiple shards before aggregating them at the source level. This ensures that only the Bot owners have the final copy of the Bot.


Decentralized Secured Data

AI needs a lot of data to be stored and retrieved on the go. Snap chain is optimized to handle high throughput and powerful computations. Secure data sharing means training using more data to create better models, generate better results, and give birth to better data.


AI Made Easy

Bots sit on top of the Snap Protocol. The ownership of the Bots and the data are secured by smart contracts. These Bots utilize both on-chain and off-chain resources to develop the AI that they need. Our Bots are specialized in finance and the current Bots are trained in trading, wealth advisory, trading chart patterns, fake news, market sentiments and much more.


Crowdsourcing Intelligence

Better performing bots can be built with SnapBots as our community takes part in labelling or training bots. This allows bot developers and owners to tap into a priceless pool of experts who will crowd train their bots. This crowdsourcing will help our bots become wiser and smarter at a shorter time frame.

About SnapBots

Wisdom of the crowd for all

SnapBots is a community of buy-or-build financial bots and humans that seek to maintain a self-sustaining bot economy. SnapBots can leverage from the human community to crowdsource their knowledge for certain situations. The crowdsourcing activities help the bots learn extremely fast, optimize conditions, and generate solutions.



Deep fake bots

Using deep fakes, we have the capability to swap people's faces on videos. These bots also study and pick up the unique microexpressions of a subject and render a realistic replication of source expressions onto other faces.


Trailing Stop-Loss Bots

Your capital is always at risk. That's what our trailing stop-loss bots are here for. Our AI bots perform advanced strategies like arbitrage and scalping.


Wealth Robo Advisor

Using big data, Wealth Robo Advisors provide recommendations on how you can manage your wealth.


Chart Pattern Recognition Bots

Chart patterns repeat over a period and play a big role in technical analysis. Our chart pattern recognition bots monitor multiple markets 24/7. Once certain patterns are detected, our advanced bots immediately alert subscribers.


Market Sentiments Bots

AI makes use of news sentiments to make price movement forecasts.


AI Financial Chatbot

AI chatbots consolidate useful information about the business and answer customers like a real customer service representative.

Human Resource

Financial Career Bot

This bots collects, processes, and auto-matches applicants with suggested jobs.


And much more

SnapBots' developers and engineers continue to push the limits to create capabilities beyond what is already available in the market.

SnapBots Economy

SnapBots represents a community of artificial intelligence-powered financial Bots which are designed to help everyone work better in the financial industry.

Snap bots are created following the Snap Protocol. These bots can build AI with shared resources. Existing bots can help our community in various financial activities including Trading, Wealth Robo Advisor, Trading Chart patterns, Market Sentiments and many more.

With the development of more bots, there will be numerous opportunities to develop financial projects and use cases for our community.



Hold your cryptocurrency in your Snap wallet and grow your portfolio at the same time!

Snap Wallet is a secure cryptocurrency wallet that is powered by AI deep learning bots. Currently, Snap Wallet supports major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), and SNAP (SNAP).

Users are not limited to just storing their cryptocurrencies, but also staking, choosing between three trading strategies. Once staking is activated, users' assets will be traded by bots 24/7 until the end of the staking period. This allows users to earn while sleeping.


24/7 AI Trading

Simple & Easy

Mitigated Risk

Growing Portfolio

Road Map

Q3 2018
- Started SnapBots Project
Q4 2018
- SnapBots architectural design
Q1 2019
- Released SnapBots White paper
- Development of SNAP
Q2 2019
- Created SNAP ecosystem
- Incorporated trading arm
Q3 2019
- Development for AI Bots
Q4 2019
- Testing AI Bots
Q1 2020
- Initiated mobile app development
Q2 2020
- Building community of traders
- Launched User trading rewards program
Q3 2020
- Launched affiliates & ambassador program
Q4 2020
- Launched Staking feature
- New languages were added to the website
Q1 2021
- Launch Super Ambassador & enhanced Ambassador rewards program
Q2 2021
- Launch mobile app with Staking feature
Q3 2021
- Payment gateway integration
- Listing on exchanges
- AI Bots marketplace
Q4 2021
- Building community of developers
- SnapBots SAFU Implementation
Q1 2022
To be continued...


Crypto Wallet

SnapBots offers crypto wallets powered by AI technology. Users can secure their digital assets on Snapbots and grow their portfolio at the same time.


Users can choose between 3 types of strategies and let the AI bot trade for them. These strategies are proven strategies that have been tested for many years.

24/7 Trading

Our AI bots trade nonstop. Bots detect opportunities and perform the trading tasks. Users earn rewards while they sleep.


Help our bots become wiser and smarter at a shorter time frame.

Snap Reserves

Wisdom of the Crowd

Collective decisions are the product of contradictions and disputes, not consent or compromise. SnapBots aims to have a platform for everyone to contribute to the financial industry.

iOS and Android App is coming soon

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