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SnapBots are deep learning bots powered by learning algorithms. For any facet and dimension, they optimize conditions, generate solutions, and get better at that. Big data is crunched at breakneck speed as relevant algorithms are applied to train up capabilities.

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Intersection of

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

Big data forms the building blocks of artificial intelligence in more forms than one; analytics, intelligence, statistics and data visualization. Blockchain creates a conducive environment for quality data to thrive and be utilized.



Blockchain provides verification and clear audit trail of data. This improves the trustworthiness of data and even trustworthiness between SnapBots.


Blockchain provides security. Secure data sharing means more training data, creating better models, generating better results, giving birth to better data.


Blockchain provide distributed storage. This fosters the creation of more organized data and ease of data sharing, promoting adoption of decentralized AI.

Ecosystem Snap

Consisting of Incubator, Live Sphere and Marketplace, the ecosystem sees every bot from infancy to maturity.


Goal - Purchase your SnapBot at the marketplace with SNAP tokens. Define its goal. The goal determines the type of information relevant for situation awareness.

Observe - Implant Snapbot in training environment (e.g. a computer). It’ll undergo observation to collect data on a particular task to be situation aware.

Learn - The deep learning process kickstarts as SnapBot begins to match the current situation cues with a repository of experience cases. A solution will be proposed for action.

Deploy - Deploy SnapBot into actual environment. SnapBot continues to observe the situation and update the results of its actions.

Enhance - Depending on the result, the solution will be refined and SnapBot’s capabilities are enhanced overtime.

Network - Leverage on the SnapBots network to monetize your SnapBot by selling or leasing it at the marketplace.


Snap Protocol

As part of this project, SnapBots will be building Snap Protocol which is a blockchain network supporting multiple side chains integration into a main chain governing the development of onchain Artificial Intelligence. Developing Artificial Intelligence requires high transactional throughput, data storage and computing power. Snap Protocol will be built to address these needs of the SnapBots ecosystem.

Faster transaction speed

Our main chain is optimized to handle high throughput and powerful computations.

Multichain Interoperability

High-speed side chains communicate with each other and off chain optimizes heavy computing power before reverting back to main chain.

Better data compression

Hash to IPFS to optimize storage and processing of large amounts of data.


Flexible in managing & updating data

Current way of storing data is slow and inefficient. AI needs alot of data needs to be stored and retrieved on the go.

Parallelism execution in smart contracts

We need to have smart contract that accepts conditions. We might need parallelism and concurrenciness on the node level

Lower on gas fees for micro transactions

Gas is expensive for micro transactions in relative terms. With our side chain architecture, gas expenditure is made effective even for micro transactions.







Our Roadmap RoadMap

September 2018

Kick-off meeting and feasibility study of the Snapbot framework

November 2018

Snapbots architectural design

March 2019

Release White paper

April 2019

Snap Token pre-sale

September 2019

Launch Snapbots Chain and BlockChain Service

October 2019

Launch Snapbots Block Explorer, Release Snapbots Desktop Wallet

October 2019

Snap Token Public ICO

November 2019

Publish Snap Token to exchange

November 2019

Deploy Secure Storage Service

February 2020

Deploy Artefect Managing Service and Smart Contract

May 2020

Deploy Stadium Service

May 2020

Deploy sample AI Bots (Include APIs in API layer)

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You will help SnapBots develop and launch our upcoming blockchain platform, and help drive all of our future blockchain-based projects.

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Snap NEWS on AI & Big Data News

Joint Venture between Citicode Ltd and SNAP Innovations to provide smart city projects

SGX-Mainboard listed Citicode Ltd, via its subsidiary Citicode Corporation Pte Ltd, has formed a strategic joint venture...

COSS Collaborates with Snap Innovations to Strengthen Liquidity

An MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) signed between COSS Pte Ltd and Snap Innovations signed on the 21st of Feb...

CBX and SNAP Innovations forms Strategic Partnership

A Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) between CBX and SNAP Innovations was signed on 23rd January 2019 to ...

TomoChain is now available on Kyberswap with SnapBots as Reserve Manager

Tomochain is excited to be listed on KyberSwap using SnapBots' AI module to manage TOMO reserves...

OCIM and SnapBots Collaborates on AI driven Fund

OCIM (Overseas Chinese Investment Management) and SnapBots will be collaborating to launch OCIM Almega Fund...

SnapBots and traceto to enhance KYC process with Artificial Intelligence

In a bid to overcome the considerable and lingering challenges faced in KYC processes, Traceto has partnered with Snap Innovations (SnapBots) to introduce an artificial ...

SnapBots And Electrify Asia (ELEC) Announce Reserve Management Relationship

Electrify, the first decentralized electricity marketplace in Southeast Asia to address the need for transparency in the consumption of electricity ...

Electrify asia to bring artificial intelligence in Southeast Asia’s first electricity marketplace

Heavily data-driven, this new marketplace will also include new AI modules to be jointly developed with a seasoned AI developer, SNAP Innovations. ...

Snap Innovations and Korn Ferry brings artificial intelligence to HR sector

KF Advance features a sophisticated resume parsing and analysis capability powered by Snap Innovations’ proprietary AI aimed at helping job-seekers enhance the quality of resume writing. ...

ULLINK Unveils Dedicated Low Latency Connectivity for the ASEAN Region

ULLINK announced availability of a dedicated low latency connectivity offering for Singapore and the broader South-East Asian region with Snap Innovations...

TradAir and Snap Innovations Team Up to Deliver Innovative FX Solutions for Asia

TradAir, an Israel-based provider of cloud-based trading technology solutions, today announced a partnership agreement with Singapore-based Snap Innovations...


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